Steering and Suspension System in Thunder Bay

Trust the professionals at Driven Cars Canada to repair your steering and suspension systems in Thunder Bay.

How do the steering and suspension systems work?

These systems are responsible for keeping you safe while you accelerate, stop, steer, and direct your vehicle. The steering system translates the turning movement of the steering wheel to the movement of your tires. There are several pivoted joints that allow you to have control of your vehicle and steer it even when your vehicle is bouncing and turning.

The suspension system uses shocks and links that absorb the bumps when you drive. This system also keeps your wheels connected to the ground even on uneven roads. The shocks and links connect the car to your tires and allow for a smoother ride. When the suspension system isn’t working properly, you might notice a rougher drive.

Located in Thunder Bay, Driven Cars Canada is happy to examine, test, and fix any damaged parts of your steering and suspension systems.

Signs you should get your steering and suspension systems looked at:

  • Wear on tires is uneven
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Driving feels rougher than normal
  • Vehicle sways after a small bump
  • Noise when you go over bumps
  • Turning becomes more difficult
  • Vehicle sits at an angle when parked

We want you to have confidence in your vehicle and its safety. Driven Cars Canada proudly services the steering and suspension systems of customers in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

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