Preventive Maintenance in Thunder Bay

Our professionals at Driven Cars Canada are here provide preventive maintenance to your vehicle in Thunder Bay.

The goal of Preventive Maintenance (PM) is to reduce the likelihood of failure occurring by performing regular maintenance on your vehicle and keep your vehicle working efficiently.

Benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • Saves money by preventing greater damages
  • Reduces risk of injury/accidents
  • Equipment lifespan is extended
  • Less unexpected breakdowns and downtime
  • Fewer urgent, expensive repairs later

Many factors influence a vehicle’s performance and maintenance needs. Some include conditions like extreme weather and salty or dusty environments. The type of driving like stop-and-go traffic in cities or highway driving also has an impact. Another factor is whether you’re regularly hauling heavy cargo or a trailer. There are several other things that can determine how frequently you need to service your vehicle. Pay attention to your manufacturer’s guidelines, and ask for help if you want an expert’s opinion.

Located in Thunder Bay, Driven Cars Canada is happy to inspect your vehicle for issues and provide preventive maintenance.

Services we offer:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Cleaning and adjustments
  • Inspecting and repairs
  • Analyze and record lifespan and service done to parts
  • Many other PM services are available as well

Routine maintenance can increase the reliability and resale value of your vehicle. Failing to take care of your vehicle is the most common cause of costly damage.

We would love to help you avoid real problems with PM. Driven Cars Canada proudly serves customers with high quality preventive maintenance in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

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