Nitrogen Inflation in Thunder Bay

The experts at Driven Cars Canada are here to fill your tires with premium nitrogen in Thunder Bay.

The higher the percentage of nitrogen in the tires, the more benefits you will see. There is also a greater benefit seen for vehicles that spend a lot of time in storage or collectible cars you rarely drive throughout the year.

Benefits of nitrogen inflation:

  • Maintains more stable tire pressure – higher gas mileage
  • Dry and non-flammable – resists corrosion and fire
  • Does not expand or contract with temperatures as much as oxygen

Nitrogen is commonly used in the tires of space shuttles, race cars, military vehicles, airplanes, and other heavy equipment. Nitrogen inflation is more reliable than using oxygen in extreme conditions.

Located in Thunder Bay, Driven Cars Canada is happy to assess your needs and aid in your decision between oxygen and nitrogen filled tires.

Is it okay to mix nitrogen and oxygen?

If you decide to fill your tires with nitrogen and need a spare tire, it’s totally fine to fill that tire with oxygen. You can also top off your nitrogen filled tires with oxygen if the need arises. There’s no danger to mixing them since regular air for tires already has a nitrogen component. The only difference is that you won’t experience as many benefits with a lower nitrogen percentage. It’s important to have your tires filled to ensure good gas mileage and fewer emissions.

We would love to keep your vehicle working as efficiently and reliably as possible in all weather conditions. Driven Cars Canada proudly meets the nitrogen inflation needs of customers in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

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