Cooling System in Thunder Bay

The experts at Driven Cars Canada are here to repair any faulty parts of your cooling system in Thunder Bay.

What does your cooling system do?

Simply put, it keeps your engine cool. When internal combustion engines run, they heat up. Without a properly working cooling system, the engine will overheat and cause damage to the vehicle. The cooling system is made up of several components including a thermostat, radiator, radiator cooling fan, cooling system pressure cap, and coolant. Each of these parts needs to be functioning correctly in order to keep the engine cool.

Located in Thunder Bay, Driven Cars Canada is happy to inspect your cooling system to identify any problems.

Signs your cooling system needs maintenance:

  • Overheating engine – could be a broken thermostat, low coolant, or a worn water pump
  • Coolant boils – cooling system pressure cap could be compromised
  • Hot engine when car isn’t moving – faulty radiator cooling fans or airflow problem
  • White steam from exhaust – possible crack in engine or blown head gasket

How do you repair a cooling system?

We will inspect your vehicle first to find out where any issues might be. You should have your cooling system flushed regularly to make sure the antifreeze is working effectively and not causing corrosion. Most technicians recommend a flush about every 40,000 miles to avoid problems. Simple maintenance like flushing the cooling system can prevent the need for major repairs to the radiator or engine in the future. If there’s a faulty component of the cooling system, we will repair or replace it as necessary.

We would love to help keep you safe with an engine that is properly cooled to avoid overheating and additional damage. Driven Cars Canada proudly meets the cooling system repair needs of customers in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

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