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Do you hear a loud clicking or clunking sound when you turn your vehicle? These sounds or a vibration while driving can be a sign that your axle or Constant Velocity (CV) joints need maintenance. Grease on the inner edges of tires can be another sign. If you’re not sure whether there’s an issue, it’s best to get it inspected. Located in Thunder Bay, Driven Cars Canada is happy to inspect your vehicle for axle and CV joint damage.

Is it safe to drive with broken axles?

The answer is no. This is not one of those issues that you can ignore for months before repair. If your axles or CV joints are malfunctioning, your tires will eventually stop rotating. This could cause a serious accident if it happens while you’re driving.

What do axles and CV joints do?

The axles and CV joints are responsible for holding the weight of your vehicle and connecting your transmission gears to your wheels. This allows you to keep a constant speed while you turn. Front-wheel drive vehicles rely on these things to work properly.

How do axles and CV joints go bad?

Common issues with axles and CV joints:

  • Boot that contains grease gets torn, leaks grease, and fails to keep the joints lubricated. This will cause your axles to wear out over time.
  • Worn rollers and chipped or damaged bearings are another reason that axles might need maintenance.

What are the symptoms of a bad CV joint/axle?

Top 5 symptoms of a bad CV joint:

  • Tire edge grease
  • Loud noises when turning
  • Bouncy driving
  • Vibration
  • Knocking sounds

We will inspect your vehicle and replace the faulty axles if there’s an issue. We are eager to help get your vehicle back in working condition. Driven Cars Canada proudly serves the axle CV joint replacement needs of customers in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.

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